This Camp is intended to provide best possible Homoeopathic Treatment. Children who are fighting with grave conditions and are forced to take treatment for longer duration are given preferences here. Conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Motor neuron disease, Mental retardation, Diabetes Mellitus, Skin conditions, Physical challenges and other grave conditions are being treated with Homoeopathy. Cases are taken in detailed with a moto to find out the causative factor for the disease. Thus a combination of embryology, genetics and classical Homoeopathy is employed to understand the disease process.

Due to long term medications we had waived off all the charges and is given free. Just cases are scrutinized to see if we can really help or not.

This camp does not claim curative treatment, but is a genuine effort to provide the best possible homoeopathy to the sufferers. Camps are arranged at intervals of every 3 months. The dates for this year are 4 Feb, 6 May, 5 Aug and 4 Nov 2018.

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Case examination

Case examination

Counseling session

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