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Here are some of the boosters we got from the patients.

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Feedback from our patients

Isha-sml Hi, My name is Ixxx Pxxxxxxxr. At the age of 10yrs I loose my hopes of seeing me with hairs completely. Not a single hair was left. Hopes were fading with every treatment. But thanks to Elite Healers, Dr. Rahul's treatment gave me my hairs and hope back. It took an year for the complete result. Now I am getting happier day by day as the hairs are growing. You can see my smile!!
Thank you Homoeopathy! I am full of Hopes…
BeforeAfter Hello, I am a 38yrs old home maker and was suffering from dry eczema. It was recurring every year and making my daily life impossible. Symptoms were intolerable. Lot of treatment made my body resistant. My husband suggested me to take homoeopathy, but I never believed it as a help. But recurrence of symptoms made me to visit Elite Healers in 2009. Since that day I never looked back with my eruptions. Team of Dr Rahul & Dr Bhoomika conjointly worked to help me out of this frustration. After 2yrs I was totally normal. My medicines were stopped but Doctors took no risk. I was suggested a regular visit for just observation every 3 months. Till the day no relapse and no tension with Homoeopathy. When I was asked for feedback. I said "Its MIRACLE". But Doctor stopped me to call it a miracle. He explained me the science. But for me it was the same 🙂
Doctor stopped me to say it a miracle..
renalcal I was suffering from renal stone on right side. It was hurting me a lot with occasional blood in urine. Pain episodes were not time bound. I was asked to visit a surgeon who suggested me an operative procedure. It was terrifying experience as thinking of needle makes me trembling, how could I sustain operation. Then a friend suggested me of Elite Healers Dr Kamlesh who made me calm. With the start of treatment pain vanished in 2 days. On 5th day I woke up with pain and urged for urination. I went to discover passing of stone in urine. I was happiest person that day.
Skipped Operation

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