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Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine which is side-effect free and it aims to cure various ailments by uprooting their cause. It is a relatively gentle system of medicine and its effects start showing gradually with an immune response. Some of the most common myths associated with homeopathy are:

Myth 1: Homeopathic medicines are placebos… >
Placebos are usually tablets, pills or other such solid oral medications which do not contain an active drug inside them and are ineffective. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), homeopathy is the world’s second largest system of medicine. These medicines are not at all useless and they are highly effective as well.

Myth 2: Slow to act and not usable in acute cases

Homeopathic medicines are usually taken in cases of chronic and long-lasting ailments such as arthritis. But there is no such rule that it cannot be taken for curing temporal or viral disorder such as common cold or fever. In fact, they work very well in case of ailments like these and sometimes even faster than allopathic medicine options.

Myth 3: All homeopathic medicines are the same

Due to their physical appearance, all homeopathic medicines might look the same, but in reality, their functionality is very different from each other. Homeopathic medicines usually come from 3000 plant and mineral sources. The most common forms in which homeopathic medicines are manufactured are small, white round pellets, white powder and transparent liquid forms.

Myth 4: Homeopathy is not helpful in surgical issues

Surgical conditions such as hemorrhoids, chronic ear discharge, fissures, and corns are apparently believed to be only treated by allopathic medicines. But this is not the truth. In fact, homeopathy is one of the most effective means of getting rid of your surgery related scars using common agents like calendula.

Myth 5: Homeopathy cannot be combined with allopathy

Normally speaking, allopathic medicines are generally suppressive and they reduce the symptoms occurrences whereas, the homeopathic system is more focused towards going deep to the root cause of the problem and eradicating the same. If taken together, these two systems of medicine will cause you no undesirable side effects and both can work well simultaneously.

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