Every body is welcoming rainy season. Climate becomes cool and surrounding lively green. Birds chirps, rain drops and colorful flowers adds to the whole new world.

Some times its has another part. Flies and mosquitoes are in abundance. Thus promoting water born diseases like diarrhoea.

Usually diarrhoea is not a threatening disease. But if uncontrolled can bring one to severe problems. Dehydration is one of them.

Diarrhea causing pain in abdomen accompanied by nausea is the commonest picture. It gets in control within three days with minimal medicinal help. But if the symptoms persist and the pain in abdomen is marked then suspect hepatitis. Pain in abdomen with vomiting, no desire to eat food or looking at food brings nausea, mild to moderate fever with weakness and yellowish urine are the signs for consideration. In severe cases yellowish eyes (icterus) and dark yellow urine are prominently seen.

Diarrhea can be controlled with some homely tricks. Mix of Salt lemon water and sugar is most widely used. It restores the electrolytes which stops the further disease progress. In case if the child does not prefers the solution one can try single ingredient at a time one by one. It is easily palatable by the child.

Avoid giving oily, spicy or sour food stuffs even there is no taste in mouth. It can worse the condition. Also avoid eating or drinking full at one time. Stomach is in distress and cannot hold the regular amount to food stuffs or water. This eventually may get vomited. Thus making the condition more dehydrated. 

Keep the drinking water sterile by boiling before drinking. Keep the utensils dry to avoid contamination. Maintain hygienic surrounding with fresh open air as per patients preference.

These small precautions can bring you all the enjoyments of the rainy season. “Because prevention is better than cure.”


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