As the change of weather is happening, we have to change the strategy at home and out side to remain happy and healthy.

Few are the tips for the same

– cold coryza don’t need medicines unless complicated. Complication like fever, sever weakness and weight loss brings in doctors consultation.

– keep kids well hydrated. Cause less of hydration makes a child irritable, loss of concentration and cranky.

– its never wrong to get wet in rain. But don’t get wet for a long time. Hypothermia can bring different health issues like pneumonia etc.

– sensitive person and kids should remain aloof from getting wet. If unavoidable then try to keep head dry and covered.

– avoided eating oily stuffs. Also avoid over eatings. It may bring pain in abdomen and acute gastritis leading to medical intervention.

– avoid wetting your skin conditions or wounds. Infections may spread speedily in such condition. Diabetics and skin sensitive should take strict precautions. If necessary take doctor’s consultation.

– avoid using wetting clots and undergarments as they are likely to bring sever fungal infections. Such infections if spread for bigger area may bring asthmatic complaints.

– asthmatics and bronchitis patients should take special precautions for humidity. Humid air and close places or getting wet may trigger the acute symptoms of attack.

– rheumatism patients should take precautions for avoiding cold. Stiffness and swelling are the common signs which get aggravated. But keeping joints warm fomented helps a lot. Gentle massage increases circulation.


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