After so many years of his death, Homoeopathy is getting rooted as basic healthcare system in world. People who tried it, never left it and doctors who practiced it whole heartedly, never died unknown. On this day of his birth anniversary, all the Homoeopaths (practioners and non practioners of homoeopathy) gather together to felicitate the so called “father of Homoeopathy” – Mahatma Hahnemann and what not. Cakes are cut, sweets are distributed and garlands are dedicated. But the question comes to mind – DO WE REALLY LIKE HAHNEMANN? 
Hahnemann was a man who was dissatisfied with the practices in healthcare that time. He had a vision of how the cure should be and carved his vision with passion resulting Homoeopathy. He never thought of himself. The mission was a balanced cure. A cure which will lower down the further sufferings of a sufferer with the help of Nature’s law, the ultimate reason for existence of human being on earth.  People discarded his observations, made joke of him, force him to live like a vagabond. But he never complained of such hard times as he knew that the result will be pure. He always wanted homoeopathy to be scientific, organized, reasonable and dedicated. His understandings of laws made us so efficient to tackle today’s fatal conditions with those old (gold) rules in organon.
Here are we paying our tributes to this great man by fighting – Homoeopaths with non practicing homoeopaths. Different thought process followers – making statements against each other. Showing once deepest understanding of Homoeopathy than other. Bad words, abuses, critics and allegations making the whole surrounding muddy. So “Do we really like Hahnemann?”
If we really like Hahnemann then we must stop criticizing fellow doctors. Let them do what they like, Hahnemann never forced anybody to do homoeopathy then why should we?  Stop behaving like a religious cult member. Understand the different thought process to reach the ultimate goal set by Hahnemann i.e. CURE. 
He is the best follower who takes the quality of his master and implement it in his life. Because a real master is never pleased by flowers, sweets and facebook likes.
I know few are still criticizing me, but ask yourselves – AM I WRONG?
A small video I had dedicated, which I am following and trying to pay my tribute to the noble man HAHNEMANN.

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