Hello Fresh Morning,
Today its Independence day of India. 15th Aug. I was quit busy since morning as my son has to rush to school for flag hosting ceremony and I was worried as I have to collect him later by 10. I hurriedly completed my daily jobs and was heading to take bath. Suddenly a call came from a unknown number on my mobile. I was in no mood to receive the call as it was 9:30 already. But my mind made me to receive the call. It was my assistant doctor Dr Pawan. He asked me preferable time to meet. I was confused and said yes if he can complete within 10mins. He agreed.
Within 5 mins he was at my door step. “Tell me what’s the matter?” asked him with a gesture to sit nearby. He was very silent. As I saw him for a while he broke into tears. I was bit surprised and started guessing his problem. He was about to open his clinic with the funding from parents. Might be he is in need of more money and parents denied, I guess. With a silence of almost 5mins he sobbingly asked, “Sir Do you feel something odd in my behavior?” I was more confused with the question. I thought might be something of mine has hurt him. I said “nothing, just you were engorged in your clinic setup..” He was still sobbing. The problem is something else I guessed. Dr Pawan is a young Marathi chap who was having found of Gym and work outs. He was having a muscular body but very timid nature. He look very aggressive but was very mild from inside, like a coconut. I was surprised on this issue what went wrong “What hurt you so much Pawan” I asked. After taking his time he said “I had given a job to a carpenter to make partitions for his clinic, but as I was not having much amount at hand thus was in search of budget carpenter.” “One was ready to do the job with 500rs more, so I gave him the job” said he. “Then” I asked. He said “Next day another rang me and said to do the job at my quoted price. I was happy to save 500rs and took the job from the person and gave it to the latter one.” “So” I said. “Today I went to take the material from the 1st one to handover it to other one. I reached his home and found that his brother was paralyzed, his father was not at good health and thus I felt bad. I felt like selfish; to save 500rs I didn’t give him the job.”
I was shocked by the emotion he was having. In the era where nobody thinks of his near ones, Dr Pawan was crying with guilt of fault. This was mistake or not I don’t want to go in ethics but the main issue was that there are persons who really think the other way. Usually this happens a lot with lot of people and lot of time.
Pawan was waiting for my explanation. I said “Everything happens for the good, says Bhagvat Gita.” “There must be something good coming to him and don’t feel yourselves as the cause for his doom.” “This is life. It shows the same colours, what you want to see. This time you have to be at your priority and don’t waste money. Next time whenever you are going to have the similar situation, try to help the needy.  Also you can send the carpenter with another job”. I was happy to see humanity and emotions through the eyes of Pawan.

Thank you.

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