“Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”― Albert Einstein, On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s 70th birthday. 
I was wondering Einstein was admiring Gandhiji. A person who created atom bomb was looking respectfully to Mahatma. We created nothing but takes liberty to criticize anybody.  
Recently it happened that I got a chance to visit Bapu Kuti in Wardha district. It is just 120km away from home but took 34yrs for me to reach Sewagram, where Bapu lived and channelized most of his world amazing ideas. I was very sorry for me for being so late.
I entered the ashram and got lost in the simplicity. I was accompanied with my wife Bhoomika, son Veer, and my colleagues Doctors Samrat, Gauri, Yojana, Gayatri and Rahul Ambadkar. But I was in no hurry to move. Even my son felt it like home. At last simplicity always attracts.
Ashram was just adjacent to main road but on entering it seemed to be quite silent. The serenity and the presence of spirituality can be felt. The Bapu Kuti and Ba Kuti was the symbol of one’s basic need. It was saying as if this is much to live on this earth. The small windows were spreading the natural light from outside but it felt like divine. The experience was making me high spirited.
I was continuously thinking during the visit, how a person can really make others to take the batons of British army. He never thought of attack. He never replied with aggression. The sharpest weapon he had was Satyagraha and the mantra of ahimsa. Even today one can feel (if he wants to) the energy of these powerful things.

People had controversies about him. But I will say first implement all the deeds Mahatma did and then criticize the person. It’s really hard to implement pure truth in our daily life. So how can we measure the depth of Mahatma? 

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