Fresh Morning!!
As I was driving to my clinic, have a stop on traffic signal. As usual there were beggars who surround the people and ask for some rupee. There were two young chaps in front of me on a bike. One beggar went to them asking for some Alps. Instantly that young chap gave him a laminated certificate in beggars bowl. It seemed to be a board certificate which one gets on passing 12th exam.
The beggar saw it and returned it to the young Chap. That Chap was saying that “you want something so I am giving my 12thboard certificate; it’s of no use to me”. Soon the situation was weird. Now the beggar was moving to other and the young chaps followed him forcing to take their documents. Getting irritated the beggar yelled, “kyu garib ka mazak udate ho sahab.” The Chap said “Mazak to hamare saath hua hai itna padh ne ke baad bhi koi job nahi deta. ”
This left me thinking of the positions of youth in India. I am also a professional and have knowledge to give medicines to diseased persons. There are many doctors who have knowledge but not able to use it. Why? I asked my selves.

In the world of competition the one who survives has to be best in skilled education than formal education. Yes, degrees won’t yield anything if they are not applied with skills of that individual. One is always forced to get the formal educations in India. But everyone doesn’t understand the importance of the skill one should posses. Keep working on your skills.

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