Yes Fresh morning…. Recently I perceive the power of words on our life. You may say that we all know. But I am talking about the impact of it.
My best buddy is CISCO and is always on fire. He is suffering from IBS. Mostly when we talked I had seen him saying that he is sucked of the over responsibilities of family, friends and job pressure. He is executive and retains a big post. But he is not satisfied with what he is doing. Let it be. Some times in morning when he calls and start with “GOOD MORNING” wish. I use to respond him in my tone.
I found that mostly it’s me who is low at tone, and use to amaze on Vivek’s (my friend) voice. Soon we use to engorge in a talk in which Vivek use to reach his subconscious level and tell his problems. I felt it that discussing all the negatives will drain the energy of Vivek. Thus I started thinking on it.
During that period I was reading ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma for 3rd time. I am now habituated to wake in morning 5:30am. Daily I use to read the book in open in morning but that day I was thinking of Vivek. But as soon as I went out in open I felt freshness of morning. As I was buried in my thoughts, its freshness made me calm in a fraction of second. I was enlightened with fact what I was experiencing. Instantly I texted to Vivek ‘Fresh Morning’ and nothing further.
He didn’t reply. The very next morning I did the same text. This time after few hours he called and told me that what he felt. He was really feeling FRESH. His days started with a fresh mood. Now it is a regular text in morning. If I miss then he sends me the same text and nothing.
Now we both are enjoying the freshness. Try it or ask me if you wanna some help.

Thank you!

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