I always meet a lot of fellow doctors and people from different fields of job. The most common topic of discussion is yielding results. Most of them are good to identify that results are the only parameters to be in the competition. 
This is a world of service and quality. The one who achieves this is the king of market. People are plunging to join such institution and person because there is no suspicion on the service or quality. Many of the people whom I met agreed on this topic. But the main question remains the same how to achieve it? 
Today there are lot many tools and techniques are available to enhance these two. My friends are also trying a few of these techniques. But still there is loud voice that the things are not functional. This is going on all the grounds where people are expecting much more. One day one of my friend has a statement that his competitor is illiterate have not gone to any B-school, still he is doing good. People are busy in his services. My friend is a eligible business person who has done well in commerce. Here I came with Homoeopathy. 
I started asking him about the work, his style , his services and no doubt he was serving the best of his part. Still he was not satisfied. 
I went home with the thought of where is the problem? Rising up in any business is depending on the service. The services are good, but still my friend was not happy. OK!! THAT’S THE CATCH. ya he is not happy with the out put. This was making him feel dejected and depressed. Making him feel loathed with the expectations of his costumers.

I was very much inspired by

People Who feels good about themselves ———- Produces good results.
This is the fact. Bhagwat Gita says “Karma karo” don’t waste time in expecting something. One fine day you will be full with fruits in your basket. 
I shared my thought with my friend. He was happy to know the flaw and changed his attitude, which eventually reduced his clashes with his colleagues and subordinates. Thus having a boom in sell. No whenever he is down with his sales figure he is more happy and try others to remain happy to get optimized output. There are lot of people whom I have seen who always reproach themselves for there own policies. But I says Policies can be effective if the mind set is relaxed and happy. So feel good.

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