India is a tropical country. And now a days the summer is hot like furnace. Where every body is try to remain in home. We are here to tell you few tips about to take care of your skin at home. Try to find your skin type and apply the following tips for best result at home during the summer heat.

1. Heat of summer suck most of the water from your skin, thus try to drink GOOD water. This might be told by every one but the main thing is that the water you are drinking is helpful? The drinking water should be mixed with all the essential minerals and thus water from few types of filters and RO’s may hamper the mineral supplement to the body.

2. Try to nourish your skin with cucumber juice by applying just for 30 mins in morning. This can be very useful even when you come from the heat of summer. This will rejuvenate the skin and decrease the damage caused by heat of sun.

3. For oily skin you can try a pack of fuller’s mud (multani mitti) paste. Be cautious that it should not be too thick. Apply a thin coat all over the face and neck for just 20 mins and then wash it. This will absorb all the excess of oil to make your skin more youthful and bright.

4. For dry skin you can try olive oil. Take a small quantity of olive oil to massage the face and leave it for 15 mins. Then wash the face and leave it bit moist. this will act like a moisturizer to the skin. It will maintain the turgidity and glow to the face.

5. Please avoid wearing any kind of cosmetic creams or sunscreen for more than 3 hrs. Then creams starts to interact with your skin and may damage the sensitive skin.

6. For sensitive skin just try cucumber juice or water melon juice for the nourishment of the skin.

7. To reduce the wrinkles one can try water melon’s juice. It helps in lifting the skin and helps reduce the wrinkles.  


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