A daily use element best known because of match stick. In Homoeopathy Phosphorus is a well known polycrest remedy. Thus I won’t go in much details but will try to collect few very important points which are scattered all over different Materia Medica. For regular details you can add these points along with your favorite HMM.

Physical Appearance:
 Tall, slender, pale of porcelain, smiling, light hairs, soft hair, wavy style. Tubercular diathesis.

·         Bubbly, cheerful, vivacious, talkative, happy, mild to talk, – often makes the environment bit light.
·         Generous, sympathetic, impressionable, sensitive to others, Benevolence – Always ready to help others.
·         Wants to be magnetized, touch, rub, hugs, kisses – Romantic and attention seekers.
·         Solitude agg; helpless feeling, want of attention – Alone agg.
·         Intuitions, clairvoyant – when in syphilitic state.

·         Burning all over – thus desire for cold water and wants to be in swimming pool.
·         Physically sensitive: Noise, Light- sparkle, Thunderstorms, Odor, Anesthesia, Atmospheric pressure etc.
·         Blood- hemorrhagic tendency with often bright red blood.

Cravings and aversion:
Desire for Salt and smoked meat.
Aversion to garlic.

This medicine is predominantly chilly.

Few tips from different stalwarts:
1. Never use phosphorus in repetition. (I know that most of us are single dose practioneer but this is for who loves to repeat.) Try to give ample time to cease the action of the initial dose.
2. Phosphorus is a fast acting remedy thus is very useful in fast moving diseases and in syphilitic disease, whenever constitution permits.
3. Causticum is inimical to Phosphorus and thus avoid one after other.
4. During fever thirst is low but unnatural hunger.

As a polycrest remedy it has its action on almost all parts and systems of body. 


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