Common name: Black Spure

Thermals: Chilly

                Aggravations: Cold; Damp weather; fog;
                Amelioration: Diarrhea; Motion;

Emaciation and metastasis of disease from layer to layer; newborns and children.

Spinal inflammation; chronic myelitis; Angioma of face; Rheumatism; heart diseases; Emaciation;

Suppression of diarrhea leads to Rheumatism, Nose bleed, Piles, Anxiety with trembling or eruption on skin. Mental symptoms alternating with physical symptoms.

 Marasmus of child beginning from extremities to above gradually (opp Lyco, Nat-m, Psor). Skin wrinkled, old looking face, flabby, skin looses,

means transmission of pathology from one system to higher important system of body. Like Rheumatism of joints metastasis to heart (led, Aur, Kalm), or to spine. Mumps disappears to appear as inflammation of testes or mammae(CV, Puls). 

Diarrhea with constipation; Diarrhea with Rheumatism; But with diarrhea patient is better.
Few more important key notes:

Distended Abdomen,
Distended veins,
Angioma of face,
Eating well but loosing flesh
Tubercular peritonitis
Gout with swollen and stiffening of joints
Ill humoured, angry, peevish
Eruptions with purple discoloration
Desire for milk and bread
Aversion to sweets

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