This happens a lot of time that we face “Nothing Important Found” in a case. One can ask a lot of questions but the answers are not confirmatory or satisfactory to us. Thus it become hard to choose a certain rubric. One can say that we can conclude that the case is introvert or say reserved. But no one knows it can be “Talks indisposed to”. Thus such conditions may get arrived as the patient is less communicative and we reach a group of rubrics and not a specific one.

So we have to redefine our strategy. Here I have a solution one can use. Observation – this is one activity which one can not do intentionally during the case. Most of the senior always says to observe the patient since he enters your chamber. But what to observe? This is bit easy if you are a calm observer.

Observation is a skill where you go on noting down the movements and body language of the patient. Here how one enters, fast or slow, whether he greets or seek permission to enter or merely rush inside to occupy the seat. How he sits, position, his movements etc can be noted. Then comes the expressions, way of looking the things, eye to eye contact, gestures, leg movements. Not only movements but the look of the patient can help us alot. The make up, hair style, dressing sense, how he presents himself. All these things can help one to get a break even point.

Remember that a person is always resist one to enter into his core world of thoughts. Its a journey to understand and person and we have to make it easy for the patient to feel comfortable for sharing it. So don’t  laugh or make any gestures of uncomfortable to patient. Everybody feels good to share when at home or in acquaintance. This will not make a reserved or introvert open for sure but will give us a confirmed material to get to a particular rubric.   


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