This is a well known remedy for hysteria and effects of grief. We are all aware of the sensitivity of Ignatia. But I want to share few more points which can be helpful while prescribing. Ign is a female dominant remedy which runs through out the picture.

Emotional Roller Coasteris the keyword used by Dr. Bailey for IGN. Thus contradictions are common for IGN. But I am trying to focus few more points which we face generally but are never discussed. 
Love and respect: 
This is the psora of Ign. Since childhood Ign girl tries to seek love and affection at home from parents or siblings and friends. Here need is love with respect and any one who knowingly or unknowingly minimizes this, hurts her. Ign is such a sensitive person that even parents who are involved in there jobs if not able to give attention can hurt her and bring a feeling of neglection.
Relationship is a rope walk for Ign. Initially don’t want to build a relation but if developed then fear of being hurt and neglected starts.
This comes from a neglected feeling, as we all know that Ign is a sensitive person. Thus whenever she gets hurt she tries to get away from the persons who hurt her. This avoidance of the being hurt indirectly makes the person away from the group. She never tries to disclose the feeling but goes on sobbing on the same issues, thus making her a reserved personality.
Physical appearance:  
A sweet and sober looking women with aesthetic sense of fashion and exclusive style. She is beautiful and tries to be exclusive even in her acquaintances and relations. Physically slim and some time rigid with long delicate bones. The face tends to be angular rather than rounded, and the cheek bones are generally high, which is one reason why Ign are often sought after models. French women are good example as Ign says Dr Bailey.
Strong IGN:  
A counter part is a masculine Ign. This ignatia we have to deal with the female counterpart of Nux vom. By this I simply mean, that it suits the nervous temperament, the sensitive easily excitable nature that is quick in perceiving, prompt in appreciation and rapid in execution. This is very different from the thin irritable quarrelsome spiteful and the nervous disposition of Nux vomica, though masculine IGN has loving heart some where beneath. IGN is fond of social position and is very much cautious about it. Never want to be in the bad book like silicea.
Nearby remedies:
Nat- Mur: It resembles in all angles. But Ign is used for recent or on going grief, while NM is for chronic one. NM is hot in thermals. When Ignatia fails to remove the symptoms entirely Natrum muriaticum frequently comes in to complete the cure.
Nux Vomica: According to Clarke this resembles in the material desires of IGN. Both are nearby when comes to office work. But NV is bit hard and rough with others. IGN is still mild on that part.
Hyoscyamus for hysteria is called for when the mental condition of the patient exhibits marked jealousy, which is less in IGN.
Cocculus has a mood somewhat like that of Ignatia. Sensitive, anxious, with frightened look; loss of memory, mental confusion, vertigo; spasms of the uterus; great weakness and nausea even to fainting. These symptoms in Cocculus are usually the result of night watching or loss of sleep.
Pulsatilla is at times indicated for this menstrual colic, particularly when the menses are dark in color and delayed. The flow is usually fitful. The patient is apt to be chilly, and the more severe the pains are, the chillier does the patient become. The Pulsatilla woman is tearful, sad, and melancholy like Ignatia, but there is not that introspective mood which develops in the Ignatia patient.
Nux moschata is indicated in hysteria, associated with frequent emotional changes and enormous bloating of the abdomen after a light meal.


Dr. Philip Bailey; Dr. J H Clarke; Dr. E A Farrington; Dr. J T Kent repertory.


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