* Inflammatory conditions, sepsis with high grade fever and great restlessness.
It is a product of sepsis, as Dr. Allen describes it.

 It is prepared from beef decomposed in water.

Guiding points:
– RESTLESSNESS (Ars, Eup-per, Rhus-t).
– Loquacious, can think and talk faster than ever before. 
– Sensation as if body is scattered in whole bed. Feels as though crowded with arms and legs.
– Feels she is one person when lying on one side and another one when lying on the other side. 
Sees a man at foot of bed on closing the eyes.
– Delusion he is very wealthy.(Plat, Sulph, Verat, Nit-ac) 


– Chronic complaints since severe infection. Post-operative cases with severe infections.
– Horrible OFFENSIVE discharges. The stools, the sweat and the other excretions are rendered prominent by this carrion-like smell.
– SORENESS, BED FEELS TOO HARD (Arn, Bapt, Rhus-t). 
– Burning pains. Throbbing or pulsating.
amel. Drinking very hot water.

Organ wise:
Head – Throbbing of arteries of head amel. tight band. Bursting headache with restlessness.

Mouth – Tongue red, shiny. Coated
Stomach – Vomits water when it becomes warm in the stomach (Bism, Phos).
Abdomen – Soreness, can hardly breath.
Rectum – Diarrhea: horrible offensive, painless, involuntary.
            – Constipation: complete inertia, black balls (Op).
Cough – Cough agg. motion, warm room, lying down; amel. open air, sitting up.
Chest – Tachycardia, out of proportion to the temperature. Can hear his own heart beats.
Back – Chill begins in back, between shoulder-blades. Throbbing of arteries of neck (Glon).
Female genitalia – PUERPERAL INFECTIONS. Severe infections after abortion.
              Menses horrible offensive. Fever at each menstrual period (Rhus-t).
Extremities – Soreness, aching in all limbs and bones. Soreness amel. motion (Rhus-t).
Perspiration – Profuse hot sweat which does not ameliorate.

Stalwarts on Pyrogen:

Dr. J.H.  Hunt reports of having cured many cases of varicose ulcerations with Pyrogen that refused to heal under other drugs.
Dr. Allen’s famous statement – “When the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve, Pyrogen is indicated.”
Differential diagnosis
One should think of Baptisia, Arsenicum, Crotalus, Bothrops, Hepar sulphur, Mercurius sol, Arnica, Carbolic acid, Anthracinum (see article), Lachesis, Staphylococcin, Streptococcin, Echinacea, Rhus tox.
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