If you want to be a result oriented Homoeopath then the utmost important thing is the best of CASE TAKING. It is said that “A well taken case is an half done Cure.”
So starting with few case taking points:
1. Case taking can be in minutes to years. It does not end till you find the perfect symptom which leads you to the SIMILIMUM.
2. There are various ways of case taking. Some are snapshot case taking where few PQRS type symptoms along with few generals can lead to a remedy. Other one is getting a constitutional way. Here different criteria are set and the case taking goes in the same direction to fulfill the required data. This data contains the Miasm, Dominant side, Thermals, Physical Generals, Speed of the disease, Causation, Sensitivity an its Reaction, Temperaments, Physical make up, Innate characters, Will, Understandings, Morals etc. Practically snap shot technique is bit hard as you have to be very detailed with your Materia Medica knowledge which at times is difficult. The latter one is step to step way and confirmations lead to a confident prescription.
3. The way of CT can be any one but the end out put is a remedy which has an ability to cure or annihilate the disease. (according to apho 2).
4. Now here comes the understanding about cure. CURE we need no discussion as Hahnemann himself has defined it perfectly. It should be in reverse order of the disease origin according to Dr Hering.
5. Thus Case Taking is the specific method of achieving a group of symptoms through specific questioners belonging to criteria defined by you.
6. Always ask for “why” this will surely help you to get to the depth of the symptom.

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